How we grow over the next 25 years will have a big impact on the regional economy, the environment, and our quality of life.  Transportation plays a big part too.  VIA Metropolitan Transit is planning to transform San Antonio into a global city though its Vision 2040 transit network.  This transit network is made up of 12 corridors that will serve every corner of San Antonio with clean, safe, and rapid public transportation.

Why SA Corridors?

San Antonio is at a tipping point.  We have a new Comprehensive Plan, SA Tomorrow, and a new transit vision VIA Vision 2040 which will help guide growth in the coming decades.  At the same time, San Antonio is growing rapidly.  From the Pearl to Alamo Ranch, new homes and businesses are being built every day.  SA Corridors is an attempt to harness that growth in a way that preserves existing neighborhoods, supports transit, and creates affordable housing.

Who is SA Corridors?

SA Corridors is a collaborative effort between VIA Metropolitan Transit and the City of San Antonio, and is being coordinated by the City's Department of Planning and Community Development.  It follows closely on the heels of the SA Tomorrow plans and VIA's Vision 2040 plan and seeks to implement elements of each.



Our Guiding Principles

The SA Corridors project is guided by the following principles:

  • Provide a clear path forward for achieving SA Tomorrow goals and objectives
  • Clearly demonstrate implementation of SA Tomorrow
  • Engage the public in planning and visioning
  • Raise awareness of transit as an urban amenity

SA Corridors Objectives

SA Corridors aims to be one of the first steps in implementing SA Tomorrow, San Antonio's comprehensive plan.  A big part of that, is making sure we coordinate with VIA Metropolitan Transit and lay out the future of our city in the most equitable, sustainable, and efficient way possible.  

creating a unified future land use plan

A future land use plan is a guiding document that lays out a vision for growth city-wide.  Today, San Antonio does not have a unified future land use plan for the entire city.  Instead, a series of patchwork neighborhood and small area plans exist with significant portions of the city lacking any future land use plan.  

VIA Vision 2040 and SA Tomorrow have taken a giant step toward a city-wide future land use map by designating 12 corridors as areas where future growth should be concentrated, where appropriate.  SA Corridors aims to continue this work by developing a recommended future land use map and plan for the corridor areas which respects existing small area and neighborhood plans while helping to implement SA Tomorrow.  Eventually, this effort will be expanded to cover all of San Antonio.

Getting our regulations and incentives right

If we hope to realize SA Tomorrow's vision for growth and economic development around VIA's transit investments, we will need to make sure we have the proper regulations and incentives in place.  Incentives can take many forms and help bring private investment into neighborhoods.  Incentives can also help bring about new and more transit-supportive types of development that meets a range of desires and incomes. 

Regulations, primarily zoning, define what the market is allowed to build.  As part of the SA Corridors project, zoning within the 12 corridors will be audited for its ability to deliver transit-supportive development.

Promoting greater INTER-AGENCY coordination

Throughout the SA Corridors project, the aim will be to bring more diverse voices together.  VIA, the City of San Antonio, and a range of community stakeholders will be engaged in every step of the decision-making process.  

SA Corridors Study Area